Engagement Activity – Price is Right

Object of the game

Who remembers watching “Bruce’s Price is Right” on a Saturday night?

This activity includes 3 short team games based on the TV show where participants have to guess the price of random items. 

Points are scored in each round with the winning team being the one with the most points at the end. 

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Host Instructions

Before the event

  1. Create your slides – download the template from our website (designed for up to 3 teams)
  2. Decide on your teams – we recommend using https://www.randomlists.com to randomly generate teams:
    • Enter names for each of your participants
    • Enter the number of groups required (I recommend up to 3 teams of between 2-5 people per team)
    • Click the “Re-Run” button
  3. Let participants know who is in each team
  4. Ask each team to setup their own messaging group before the meeting so that they can communicate during the event
  5. Create an online meeting event – you must be able to share your screen (e.g. Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom). We recommend keeping the activity a surprise

Game 1 - Closest price

Object of the game

To be the closest guess to the price of a random item – you can be under but not a penny over!


  • Setup your slides so there are 5 rounds
  • Find prices of random items online (I recommend picking a single shop for all rounds e.g. Hamley’s Toy Shop)
  • Each team will have around 30 seconds per round to discuss their guess
  • Once the time is up you’ll ask one member of each team to announce their guess
  • Award 1 point to the team that is closest with their guess

Game 2 - Higher or lower

Object of the game

To correctly guess if the next item is higher or lower in price than the previous


  • Setup one slide per team
  • Find prices of 5 random items online (I recommend picking a single shop e.g. Tesco)
  • You will show the team the items, including the price of the first item
  • You will then ask the team whether the next item is higher or lower in price compared to the previous
  • Award 1 point per correct guess (maximum = 4)
  • If the team gets one wrong, that is the end of their turn (optional)

Game 3 - Showcase Showdown

Object of the game

To calculate the grand total of 5 random items – the total in this game can be under or over


  • Find prices of 5 random items online (I recommend using items that are relevant to your organisation)
  • You will announce each item one by one (using animation) giving a description of each one
  • Once you have announced all 5 items you’ll give the teams 1 minute to calculate their total
  • You’ll then ask each team for their guess
  • Award 4 points to the team that is closest, 2 points to the next team and 0 points to the team furthest away

Running the event

  1. Start the slideshow and present the screen (without your notes) to the group
  2. Run through the instructions above
  3. Keep a tally of the points awarded to each team in each round
  4. Announce the winning team at the end