Engagement Activity – Team Guess Who

Object of the game

You’ve all played the Guess Who? board game, right?

This is the team version. based on a random piece of information can you guess who your colleague is?

We’ve put together four rounds so that one round can be played per day, with the results being revealed on day five.

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Host Instructions

As mentioned above, this has been designed to run through several days, with one round being played each day.

  • Day 1: Guess Who’s item this is
  • Day 2: Guess Who’s meaningful word this is
  • Day 3: Guess Who’s lookalike this is
  • Day 4: Guess Who’s food/drink this is
  • Day 5: The results
  1. Download slide deck from here (it’s a template you can use for saving and revealing the results)
  2. Decide on your teams – we recommend using https://www.randomlists.com to randomly generate teams:
    • Enter names for each of your participants
    • Enter the number of groups required (I recommend up to 5 teams of between 2-4 people per team)
    • Click the “Re-Run” button

Send an email to your team along the lines of:

“We’re going to play a game of Team Guess Who this week. There will be four rounds for you to compete in as a team, the results will be revealed on day five.

Your teams are as follows:
[Put teams here]

Step 1. Could the leader of each team (the first name on each list) book a 10 minute meeting for you to get together each afternoon to complete your Guess Who list

Step 2. I will send you each an email the day before each round, revealing what the activity is for the following day. This will need to be completed on your own and returned back to me by the next morning.

Step 3. I will collate the information and send out the Guess Who list to all teams by 12pm (or a time that suits you) each day

Step 4. Meet with your teams remotely each day to complete your guesses and send them back to me by the end of the day

Step 5. Attend the meeting on day five to find out the results

Please Note: 
1 point will be awarded for each Guess Who answer you get right.”

Send an email to the team revealing the activity for the following day…

  • Day 1: Today’s task is to send me a picture of an item from your house that means something to you. Please complete this by [time goes here]
  • Day 2: Today’s task is to send me a word that means something to you. Please complete this by [time goes here]
  • Day 3: Today’s task is to send me a picture of your famous person lookalike. Please complete this by [time goes here]
  • Day 4: Today’s task is to send me a picture of something you eat/drink this evening. Please complete this by [time goes here]
  • Collate the results from the previous day and copy them in to the template slide deck
  • Send a copy of the guess who list to the team by the agreed time (making sure you’ve removed the names)
  1. Run through each of the slides, revealing the answers and scores of each round
  2. Finish by announcing the leaderboard