Engagement Activity – Spreadsheet Pixel Art

Object of the game

Ever tried Painting by Numbers? This is the spreadsheet version!

It’s a chance for people to take 10 minutes out of their day to do something different, be creative and unwind. 

As the host you bring the creations together, reveal to the team and ask for scores.

Which picture will score the best? Did anyone go slightly off piece and create something random? Who thought outside the box?


Host Instructions

Before the event

  1. Download the spreadsheet from here (or create your own)
  2. Send the spreadsheet in an email to all participants, with the following instructions:
    • Save a copy of the attached spreadsheet
    • Do your best to recreate the picture of the [name of picture]
    • Email me a copy of your spreadsheet by [chosen time]
    • Join the meeting at [chosen meeting time] where we will score and then reveal your artwork
  3. Book the meeting
  4. Create a new slideshow and copy and paste each person’s “artwork” in to individual slides
    •  Make a note of the “artist” of each slide on a piece of paper (you’ll need this when running the event)

At the start of the event

  1. Run through each slide and ask participants to call out a score (take a rough average and note it down)
  2. Write down the scores on the note you created earlier
  3. Run back through the slides revealing the artist of each creation
  4. Run through the leaderboard from the worst score to the best