Engagement Activity – Team PowerPoint Karaoke

Object of the game

This is a game that will test skills, encourage team work, get people laughing and keep everyone wondering what will happen next.

It is an improv game where a small team has 5 minutes to prep a presentation on a slide-deck they’ve never seen before.

#EmployeeEngagement #WellBeing #RemoteWorking #TeamWork #Fun


Host Instructions

Before the event

  1. Download the slide deck from here or create your own
  2. Decide on your teams – we recommend using https://www.randomlists.com to randomly generate teams:
    • Enter names for each of your participants
    • Enter the number of groups required
    • Click the “Re-Run” button
  3. Create an online meeting event – it must be one capable of each team sharing their screen (e.g. Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom). We recommend keeping the activity a surprise
  4. Let participants know who is in each team and what the running order
  5. Ask each team to setup their own messaging group capable of sharing screens (Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom) prior to the event to ensure it runs smoothly

At the start of the event

  1. Explain the object of the game to all participants: 
  2. Explain again that they are going to need to think quickly and collaborate closely, it is going to be a bit random but hopefully a bit of fun
  3. Send participants the “Team instructions” below…

Team Instructions

  1. You have 5 minutes to prepare! 
  2. Download a copy of the slides from here 
  3. Use your pre-created messaging group to collaborate and put together your presentation. Common models are to alternate one or two slides each but it’s completely up to you.
  4.  Once time is up, re-join the group meeting and present back to everyone
  5. Have fun