Engagement Activity – Paint Pictionary

Object of the game

This game is self-explanatory, playing Pictionary over video link using Paint! If you’re drawing skills aren’t the best with pen and paper, wait until you’ve tried it with a mouse and screen! 

#EmployeeEngagement #WellBeing #RemoteWorking #TeamWork #Fun


Host Instructions

Before the event

  1. Decide on your teams – we recommend using https://www.randomlists.com to randomly generate teams:
    • Enter names for each of your participants
    • Enter the number of groups required (I recommend up to 5 teams of between 2-5 people per team)
    • Click the “Re-Run” button
  2. Create an online meeting event – it must be one capable of each team sharing their screen (e.g. Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom). We recommend keeping the activity a surprise

At the start of the event

  1. Use https://www.thegamegal.com/word-generator/ to generate words
  2. Announce what order the teams will be in and who is doing the drawing from each team
  3. Ask “the drawer” from the first/next team to open MS Paint (or other drawing application) and share their window to the group
  4. Send “the drawer” a private message with their first word (make sure no one else can see it)
    • Members of their team can call out and guess the word
    • Each team has 3 minutes to complete as many words as possible
    • Each time a word is complete or passed generate a new word on the website and send it to  the “drawer”
    • Keep a count of the number of completed words / passes