Engagement Activity – Name 3 Things

Object of the game

To correctly answer the most questions by “naming 3 things” before the time is up. This is a quick fire game and can be played with or without a screen sharing/video link.

#EmployeeEngagement #WellBeing #RemoteWorking #TeamWork #Fun


Host Instructions

Before the event

  1. Arrange a suitable time for all participants to take part
  2. Make your own flashcards or find some online (or do a mixture), some options include:
  3. Decide on your teams – we recommend using https://www.randomlists.com to randomly generate teams:
    • Enter names for each of your participants
    • Enter the number of groups required (I recommend up to 5 teams of between 1-3 people per team)
    • Click the “Re-Run” button
    • This will randomly generate your teams like the below
  4. Create an online meeting event – screen share/video is optional (e.g. Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom). We recommend keeping the activity a surprise

Running the event

  1. Create a timer (before you start) – I recommend this website https://www.online-stopwatch.com/countdown-clock/full-screen/ and setting the timer to between 1-2 minutes per team
  2. Start the meeting
  3. Announce what order the teams will be in
  4. Explain the object of the game
  5. Share your screen with the timer on so everyone can see (optional) – tip if you share your system sound the participants will also hear the alarm when the timer ends
  6. Ask everyone who is not in the active team to mute their microphone
  7. Start the time and then read out the “Name 3 things” cards until the time runs out
Remember to keep a count of the number of cards completed (and passed – in case of a tie-break) for each team